Be aware of DCOIN! Scam Alert!

Dcoin scam alert

Be aware of DCOIN! Scam Alert!

DCOIN charged a listing fee from our client MedicalVeda to list Their Token, MVEDA in their exchange, However, they delist the Token not according to their contract agreement terms after a few months!
The contract terms stated that they are only permitted to delist tokens from their exchange under this condition:

1-The currency has 5 consecutive trading days, the daily average trading volume is lower than 50,000
USDT or equivalent amount. Party A would issue a warning notice. If Party B does not take measures
to maintain it within 15 days. The currency may be delisted from the exchange
and DCOIN never sent any warning letter to notify the customer on this matter.
2-The price of daily decline exceeded 30%, and the continuous decline in the following 2 days exceeded
30% of the opening price. Party A(Dcoin) would issue a warning notice. If Party B(Client) fail to take measures to stop
the dumping, Party A may delist the currency trading from the Dcoin without any liability at any time.

This also not occurred during the business cycle of the client project to give them the right to delist the project token

DCOIN is in breach of its contract agreement with MedicalVeda(our client). We have demanded the listing fee of $5000 plus the cost to be compensated to our client for the damage they incurred to their business and a demand letter was served to them and waiting for their action.

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